Scrapbook Process- 8×10 photo

So the pile of photos from the last couple months are now holding a grudge because I laid down these before them… Sometimes, you just really get inspired by a certain collection of pics and you can’t help it.

Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-american crafts-studio calico-roo-01 (1 of 1)


It’s been a while since I used a big photo. It’s funny how your style changes. A year or so ago, I was all about big photos and two page layouts. Now, I like small photos and one focal page. My pattern these days is a 12×12 of my fav pic, and a projectlife style spread for the details on the facing side. Like this:


Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-project life-american crafts-studio calico-roo-02 (1 of 1)

The produce paper is from the Studio Calico April kit… but I really can’t say what else is… I was in organizing mode and just mixed the kit into my stash when I got it…

Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-project life-american crafts-studio calico-roo-03 (1 of 1)

So I actually made a mistake when I was sewing this picture onto the background.. I’ve never met a sewing machine that liked to sew through photo paper… some less than others… so sometimes you get a little bubbling because the photo paper sticks a bit. (especially super glossy paper)

So I decided to cut along the sewn line on top of the photo and use it as a pocket for layering stuff. And this was just one of those times that a mistake ended up to be my favorite thing about a project.
And here’s the blow by blow for any craftypants peeps that are interested!



And remember, Happiness is Homemade!


Fitty-madebyfitty-eleanor-barbiecar-photography-scrapbooking-layout-project life-american crafts-studio calico-roo-04 (1 of 1)


Have a great week!


Halloween Spread

Hlo02 (1 of 1)

And the follow-up scrap layout of the Halloween pics!
I only really had a handful of pics due to the whole… darkness and rain… stuff goin’ on. And I didn’t get to see the family as much as usual so I didn’t get my goofy nephew pics.

Hlo04 (1 of 1)

But I’m glad I thought to take some pics around our block before it rained…

Hlo01 (1 of 1)

I’m enjoying another bowl of mashed potatoes as I type this… I had a sandwich in the car… but I was hungry again when I got home… and luckily Daryl didn’t eat all the mashed potatoes.

Hlo03 (1 of 1)

And here’s the making of the 12×12. The other side is PL style…


Eleanor I love you. More than ice cream.

I know I’ve said this before that I am not a photographer. I just play one on TV. However, 18,678,334,468,499.09 pictures later, I think I may try to actually look into getting a bit more knowledge on the subject. I mean, I at least bought one of those “REBEL T2i for dummies” books when I got this camera a few years ago… and I have to say, I’m still a big fan of this camera. It still gets the job done as far as I’m concerned. I’ve never tried Nikons so I can’t compare… I’ve always had some sort of Canon. And when my nephews were born, they had trouble with r’s, so they called me Aunt Kanen instead of Aunt Karen, so maybe it’s fate. I won’t mess with fate.

And this year starting on July 4th while were at a town fair, I finally let my daughter use my camera. I KNOW… everyone was looking at me thinking… “did she really just give a 3-year her big clunky camera!” Actually… if they didn’t know us I’m sure they thought she was 5 at least… She’s a mature 3. So she put the strap over her head and I showed her which button to push and where to look and 800 pictures later she was hooked. So now we share my camera. And I’m sure she’ll be taking better pictures than me by the time she is 5.

So this photo shoot she staged happened a few weeks ago… but when she was done taking pictures of bear bear and (I don’t know the other one’s name… her cousin Tierney left it here when she slept over after the BTR concert.. Eleanor said she gave it to her… but I have to double check on that.. ;).. ) So let’s just say Bear bear and monkey monkey! When she was done with the camera, she jumped in and asked me to take her photo with them. And I just got around to putting the pics on the computer and for some reason this pic:

just asked to be scraped. So I actually had an idea before I started which isn’t usual. And since I planned on almost exclusively doodling for the page, I decided to print the photo bigger than I usually would. SO I did a little more than doodle, but not much.


And these were just American Crafts pens.  The black is mostly a project life journaling pen.. then I did a bit of coloring in with Tim Holtz distresser markers.


So here’s a process vid for this layout.  I didn’t do them for a few weeks because of poison ivy. .. lol.   Didn’t wanna have to cut out all the itching.. 🙂

xo Fitty

Weekend Revisual: Project life July 20-21, 2013

Hi there frens!

Had a great weekend!  Just wanted to throw out some weekend pics, and then how we put them together for a weekend project life spread!

This first collage was actually made with a windows app called Turbocollage.  So far, a benefit is the ability to use a lot of pics in one collage…. like 20!  So I was able to sum up a birthday party pretty completely in three 4×3′ spots on my PL layout.  Well… plus a couple 4×6’s that stood out…


Here’s some of the other pics we used:






And here’s our spread!





And here’s a video Roo did to tell you a very quick version of the entire weekend’s activities…  she also goes on to demonstrate some Gelatos…  so if you’re in need of toddler entertainment…  it’s right here….  in a barbie dress.

Thanks and enjoy the rest of your crafty week!

Ladies with Lenses – a twelve by twelver

WEEEEEEE! What we did with the Studio Calico June kit (so far…)
The following pic is actually the back of the 12 x 12 layout. Sometimes the back looks cool enough to use as a background for another layout.. haven’t decided yet. But this is all my sewing nonsense…  no thyme or reason… or sage. But def. cinnamon!

So anyway, this post is really about spending time with your kid(s). A lot of people tell you to enjoy them while they’re young and don’t hate you yet… so I decided to listen damn it!
It’s all true and that’s why I’m just trying to enjoy every second with her. I have a couple jobs, like most moms these days so most of my day is spent away from my daughter, but when I come home… I feel like spending time with her is more important than rushing her off to bed. Schedule Smedule!
So we have fun no matter the day or time! And since my daughter is a veteran at making videos of herself… I decided it would be fun to do a youtube series with her.
We call it Ladies with Lenses. When I got all those stickers from Paperchase, I also found a pencil topper that was a pair of glasses. They were so cute, and as soon as Roo saw them, she immediately took em’ over. So when she grabbed them during our first “share” video, the title of the series was born.


And we invited Norma in to take part in the lenses wearing!

She looks nerdtastic in them I think!
So in true Project Life fashion, I decided this was an opportunity to make a layout as well to document the start of our video fun… however long it lasts…


The products used are all from the latest Studio Calico scrapbooking kit:

ROUNDABOUT Scrapbook Kit

Kraft (American Crafts)
Vanilla (American Crafts)
Surf (American Crafts)
Blush Red Medium (Bazzill)

Patterned Paper:
Carte Postale “Canal Street” (Basic Grey)
Pack Your Bags (Simple Stories)
Divine this line (ILS)
Jet Set (Simple Stories)
Today (Paislee Press)
Pier “Carousel” (Crate Paper)
Optimism (Studio Calico)
Sky Atlas (Studio Calico)

Black & White Die Cut Clouds (Studio Calico)
Acetate Alpha (Basic Grey)
1 Yard Airmail Divine Twine (Whisker Graphics)
2×2 Stamp Set ( Life-Love-Paper for Studio Calico)
3×3 Photo Overlays (Crate Paper)
Silver Stars (Basic Grey)
Camera and Geo Tag Resin (Freckled Fawn for Studio Calico)
Urban Traveler Chipboard Stickers (Simple Stories)

So I have plenty left for tons more LO’s and PL’s.

Here’s the building of this layout via Youtube:

Thanks for stopping by Fitty’s Arty blog!

Fashion Show Music

Sometimes … life is really stinky.

And it makes you wonder how things like this:

wlNOEFWINTERfit into it.

She’s next to me now telling me how her baby bear is growing up too fast as she’s drawing on the chalkboard wall. The thought of her growing up makes me want to cry because I feel like the world isn’t good enough for her. I feel like I’m not good enough for her sometimes too…

But we try to have fun as much as possible. EINYRT

These are pics from last weekend when we got a dusting of snow. We enjoyed it until the afternoon sun melted it almost away.

Our house got flipped, turned upside down…  well, two houses and we didn’t bother to pick em up. They were just as much fun knocked over.

Hopefully we’ll get enough snow to build a third house this weekend!

So this page was from pics of her popping her head through that side window of the knocked over house:

I plan on doing some of the other pics from that day this weekend.


Because keeping up with PL is actually easier than I thought. I don’t do a pic from every single day..  but at least a highlight or two each week. We may have to dig into making some Valentine Cards for her classmates this weekend also…

I’m bad about tracking my materials …  there’s not too much stuff involved that didn’t come from a SC kit. The embossing powder and heat gun I’ve had forever from being a CTMH consultant. But you can get that anywhere… Any craft supply store would have it.  You can also get it from me if you wanted?  lol.

I just watched a video by a well known scrapbooker, Shimelle Laine, and she talked about how Scrapbookers kinda hide their hobby from those who aren’t into it.

And it’s so true, because we feel it’s not something that is a respected by most people as more than a waste of time.  I get crappy comments like “you must have nothing better to do.” But I think it’s important to leave time for things you enjoy…even if you’re  a single mom of 17…  I didn’t have much time for it when Roo was a screaming baby 24/7 but now she can do it with me… or any other art project she wants to at the time. It’s the perfect kid bonding time.  So if it’s between watching TV every night and scrapbooking… which one is a waste of time?

Here is the making of this last layout:

Twelve by 12′ ROO flower layout

Enjoy!  And it’s probably going to be a great night for staying indoors so craft on my frens!

p.s  I wish I had some good fashion show music to go with this vid…   dang.

xo fittsnersalad

Life is a project… Make it pretty damn it!

Just a project life installment here.

Sometimes there’s no good reason for a photo shoot. That’s the best kind! And Roo seems to think every minute has potential for good photo making… as do I.

So this scrap session is all about any ol saturday

Where not much of anything was going on…

but we had fun enough to document!

Please enjoy the making of this installment here below